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Twitter Trending Of India में आया ABDevilliers का HappyBirthdayABD

Twitter Trending Of India में आया ABDevilliers का HappyBirthdayABD

Happy Birthday ABD villiers

2020-02-17 03:59:28 आपकी खबर.कॉम

Tweets Trend Of India 

Sports Desk -Cricket के बड़े खिलाड़ी AB De villiers का आज
HappyBirthday है जिसको लेकर उनके फैंस ने उन्हें twitter में Tweets के जरिये Birthday Wish किया है ।
The legend of 21st century..
Onle one the super ONE in cricket History

1 Man
14 Years
420 Matches
484 Innings
68 Notouts
20014 Runs
26787 Balls Faced
278* Highest Score
48.11 Average
2 200s
11 150s
47 100s
109 50s
2004 4s
328 6s
9 Wickets
463 Catches
17 Stumpings
39 M.O.M Awards
10 M.O.S Awards

#ABDevilliers https://t.co/S521eh0749

ABCD =ab can do
The Man Of Destruction
Hero of Cricket
Super Man
The most loved cricketer all over the world
#ABDevilliers #HappyBirthdayABD https://t.co/qatuEwW0Mo

#HappyBirthdayABD happy birthday mr 360 #ABDevilliers, I like your never give up attitude

#HappyBirthdayABD https://t.co/X4jSBvuwUC



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